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Things To Do In Dubai
There are endless things to do in Dubai. It is a nation of elegance with breath-taking architectural designs. The landmarks range from the biggest mall in the world to the tallest building on the planet. You will have many things to do in Dubai like visit the Dubai Aquarium and Dubai Dolphinarium.
Places to Visit in Dubai
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
How would you feel when shopping in the biggest and most luxurious mall in the world? The Dubai Mall offers a mesmerising spectacle. It also houses the Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. You can stroll through the fantastic uniquely designed walkthrough tunnel, which is 48 metres.
It also offers a spectacular view of different marine life.
You can dive with sharks, crocodiles, and stingrays. These are the top Lebanon Attractions in the gargantuan aquarium. Finally, do not miss the mesmerising `VRZOO`. It is a virtual reality experience, which allows you to bring your imagination to life, and travel the Asian jungles and African Savannahs without going anywhere. You also get the chance to see amazing nocturnal desert creatures.
The BurjKhalifa is a symbol of Dubai’s finest architectural design. It is among the most stunning landmarks in Dubai, and the tallest skyscraper on the entire planet. The building has a height of up to 829.8 meters. At the site, you experience the building exhibits and ride the fastest lift in the world. This trip is not for the faint-hearted, but it is worth every second since the sky lounge view will blow your mind. Here you take perfect photos of the breath-taking landmarks including the city, and the endless panoramas towards the beach. The best time to visit Burj Khalifa`s deck is at sunset.
Dubai Mall
Are you a shopaholic? If so, have a shopping spree at the largest mall in the world. Shopping should feature on your list of what to do in Dubai. The mall houses 1200 shops including the largest candy store. It also has 250 luxurious hotel rooms, Dubai Aquarium, and Discovery Centre. If that is not enough, the mall has an indoor theme park. Tourists can enjoy up to 150 amusement Lebanon Attractions games.
Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain is the largest dancing fountain, with a choreographed system. The fountain is located at BurjKhalifa manmade Lake, which occupies 30 acres. Some of the most played songs include Con tepartiro, Time to Say Goodbye, Sama Dubai, and Andrea Bocelli, which is an Italian tenor world-renowned signature piece. Other musical repertoires are ShikShakShok and Baba Yetu. The fountain is taller, louder, bigger and with the most spectacular light shows at night. The fountain is located outside the Dubai Mall surrounded by an exquisite hub of restaurants.
Dubai Dolphinarium
It is a cooled indoor dolphinarium in Dubai. It provides vast spaces for the seals and dolphins. The Dubai Dolphinarium allows people to watch and connect with the dolphins through photography sessions at the live shows.
The places to visit in Dubai are endless. Dubai is a modern nation, and you will enjoy everything the world can offer.
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